Berlin must-sees: Pariser Platz

8 08 2007

Pariser Platz is the square linking The Brandenburg Gate to the Unter den Linden Boulevard.

Pariser Platz. Pariser Platz again.

The Pariser Platz was constructed in 1734. City Garden Director Hermann Mächtig redesigned the square in 1880, adding two ornamental lawn parterres with fountains as festive highlights of the severe lawn parterres composing the two symmetrical halves of the square. It was destroyed during WW2, and then became part of the inaccessible border strip in the communist era.

In 1992, the open area of the Platz was restored. Some of the new buildings there were designed on the basis of the previous buildings, which were destroyed in the war. The surrounding buildings include the well known and very (very) expansive Adlon Hotel, Dresdner Bank building and the Academy of Arts, which returned to its historical location there in 2005.



One response to “Berlin must-sees: Pariser Platz”

11 11 2007
Mel (02:08:12) :

I went to the room of silence and it was one of the most moving places that I went to in Berlin… absolutely wonderful

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