International Blogday 2007: Berlin blogs

31 08 2007

The international Blogday 2007 is religiously observed in the Israeli Blogsphere (I might be exaggerating, just a little, but still, observed to some degree). We already completed our ceremonial participation in all our Hebrew blogs, but we want to contribute here too, as a part of the global blogging community. And, how surprising, we want to recommend our five (actually, six) favorite English blogs about Berlin.

Blog Day 2007

Berlin Guide: a gorgeous photo-blog about Berlin, where you can find some amazing and unusual photos of the city.

A Berlin Diary: a freelance writer, living in Berlin, who writes wonderfully about interesting issues.

Observing Hermann: biting style, a “bit” sarcastic and critical – everything I like. And quite thorough, too.

Berlin Reified: Food, design and life in Berlin: Wonderful photos, wonderful writing. Photos of food are especially yummy.

Stil in Berlin: concentrates on style, or, in their words, “explores the style of Berlin. We try to document the urban, cosmopolitan and multicultural spirit of the city we live in”. Some crazy stuff there.

Berlin Gridskipper: part of “the decadent urban travel guide”.



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