United Buddy Bears in Jerusalem

10 08 2007

As we promised, we made the excruciating journey to Jerusalem to bring you some real-time photos of the lovely “United Buddy Bears” project, which came here in the beginning of August. We came back home exhausted and probably a bit dehydrated (it’s much dryer there, so we tend to drink less. Big mistake), but with lots of beautiful pictures (Click on the picture to enlarge).

United Buddy Bears in Jerusalem.

Buddy Bears Circle.

The first bears we came across were the “four bears on the fringe” of the exhibition, who, according to the organizers, “are supposed to provide further important ideas to visualize the requirements for a peaceful co-existence of the people in this world for the visitors”. They are the “Global Ethic” and “Golden Rule” bears, the “Respect for all life” bear, and the Einstein bear. So we posed with them. And here it is:

Shooky with Einstein Bear. Yonit with Golden Rule and Global Ethics Bears. Respect for all life Bear.

It appears that as a gesture of peace and understanding, Jerusalem’s municipality asked to put our bear (which, btw, we thought was really ugly and were a bit embarrassed by) next to the bears of Iraq and Iran. Iraq and Iran? With all due respect, they do not border us, and aren’t really our immediate enemies. Yes, Saddam threw some rockets at us in 1991, and yes, president Ahmadinejad likes to talk, but we are not or were not recently at war with them. I would think a more appropriate match would be the bears of Palestine and Lebanon, maybe even Syria. So we give you their bears too.

Iran, Israel and Iraq Bears.

Palestine Bear. Lebanon Bear. Syria’s Bear.

And for a bit of peace strengthening, here are the bears of Egypt and Jordan.

Egypt. Jordan.

Notice that Syria’s bear is a female bear (or at least not very distinctly male). We have found only two other bears who were female, Columbia’s and Yemen’s. And here are the ladies:

Columbia. Yemen.

And last, but not least, here are some of the world’s superpowers.

USA and UK. China.

I must say that the American and British bears are really lame. You cannot get less original than that.

The Rwandan bear had a very important message on his back, regarding the Rwandan genocide, and the interpretation the artist gave to the bear was very optimistic (although I couldn’t help thinking that it was also a bit naïve. But than again, I haven’t got a clue what’s going on there right now).


And for conclusion, here’s the Norwegian bear, pining for the fjords.

Pining for the Fjords.

After the bear exhibition, we went to the old city of Jerusalem, to eat some hummus, right next to the Via Dolorosa (the way of sorrow, the route in Jerusalem followed by Jesus Christ to his crucifixion). Here are pictures, for our Christian readers.

Via Dolorosa.

Via Dolorosa, the street.



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