Berlin Hauptbahnhof

22 09 2007

The Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central train station) was opened in May 2006, just five years behind schedule. It is located north of the Reichstag, just about in the middle of nowhere.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

It is rather huge, but as I found out, it’s smaller than it was supposed to be (a late decision, aimed to cut costs). It was supposed to be 400 meters long, but after work started, it was decided to stop at 321 meters. And it still cost about 4 billion euros.

The station is five levels high. Some 1,800 trains travel in and out of it every day, with a total of some 350,000 passengers. It is also a rather nice shopping center. Last winter it was hit by the storm Kyrill, a hurricane equivalent, which was quite a deadly storm (47 fatalities), and closed down for a couple of days.

Hauptbahnhof from the inside.

I was there last Christmas (sort of “on business”), unfortunately with no camera (excruciating experience, I must say), and was rather impressed by the huge Swarovski Christmas tree filled with diamonds standing there (although I don’t really care for diamonds. Yes, Shooky is a lucky guy). So I found a photo of it on flickr.

The Swarovski Christmas tree.

More information about the Hauptbahnhof can be found here.



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