Berlin Wall – East-Side Gallery

14 09 2007

The East-Side Gallery was created in 1990, during the first year after Berlin Wall’s collapse. Hundreds of artists from all over the world came to Berlin, and covered some 1300 meters of the remains of November 1989 events, with 106 stunning wall-paintings, most in a graffiti-like style. The paintings are said to reflect the artists’ thoughts and vision about the new era of peace in unified Berlin.

Located in Friedrichshain near the Ostbahnhof railway station and the Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge), the East-Side Gallery is not only a historical monument of great importance, but also a unique piece of art.

Sadly, the Gallery suffers a shameful neglect, and two-thirds of it are badly damaged. That’s despite the great job and efforts of Künstlerinitiative East Side Gallery e.V. (Artists Initiative East Side Gallery), a registered society, that was founded in order to assure it’s preservation and restoration.

The Wall is now in a state of decay, and the paintings are flaking off. In the official site of the Künstlerinitiative there’s an impressive presentation of the “now-and-then” (check it out). You can read more about it in our post The Berlin Wall is Dying.

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Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery East Side Gallery Brandenurger Tor
East Side Gallery BERLYN East Side Gallery Kiss East Side Gallery Flag
East Side Gallery Adam and Eve
East Side Gallery Zwergs East Side Gallery Trabant Berlin East Side Gallery The Wall
Berlin Wall Face Berlin Wall Japan Berlin Wall Che Berlin Wall ESG
East Side Gallery Berlin East Side Berlin Wall Berlin Wall dragon
East Side Jesus Berlin wall defaced Berlin Wall flag

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16 09 2007
agmon (00:22:59) :

 very nice good work thank you for sending it to me. i will stumble it.
you can Upload this work to   give it a name a and a link to this site so this information will live for ever in outer space.

19 09 2007
Berlin Duvarında Sanat | FaikEmre - Yeni Nesil Blog! (03:27:46) :

[…] buraya bakabilirsiniz. Doğu tarafında 1990 yılında başlayan sanatsal çalışmaları anlatan bu site ve bu resmi site, panoramik görünüm burası ve burası da ilginizi […]

27 09 2007
Woschanova (12:25:22) :

thanks for your compliment. Berlin is super.
regards woschanova

20 06 2010
איזה שיטות אלטרנטיביות משפיעות על מיגרנות? | מיגרנה 101 (09:51:15) :

[…] אני פשוט לא יודע מה שמו היה). ממש יד המקרה: טיילנו ליד ה-East Side Gallery היפהפיה וראינו סוכה של טיפולים אלטרנטיביים, שהציעה […]

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