The TV Tower (Fernsehturm) on Alexanderplatz

26 09 2007

The TV Tower (Fernsehturm) on Alexanderplatz is, as mentioned before, enormous. It can be seen from virtually everywhere in Berlin, and actually, it’s a very good navigation mark. It was built in 1969, and is 365 meters high (so every schoolboy could remember its height, you see…). Apart from fulfilling the former GDR’s technical need for a separate broadcasting system, it became an architectural and political symbol.

The TV Tower on Alexanderplatz.

The tower contains a concrete shaft, a steel cladded metal sphere, and a TV antenna. In the sphere, you can find a viewing platform (203 meters above the ground), and a revolving restaurant called “Telecafé”. And of course, a souvenir shop.

The exterior surface of the tower consists of some 140 stainless steel segments, and it is said that when the sun shines on it, a large cross appears as a reflection. Since the tower towers above the St. Mary Church, and since the communists are supposed to be atheists (you know, religion is opium for the masses etc.), this phenomenon was jokingly referred to as “God’s revenge” (or “the Pope’s revenge”).

This is the Official Site of the TV Tower.

Going up to the viewing platform costs money, and quite a lot of it (8.50 euros. Reduced price 4 euros), but I think it’s worthwhile. As for the restaurant, that was a bit too expansive for us, but it does sound special, to dine while the restaurant rotates on its own axis every 30 minutes.

The view from the platform.

The opening hours are: March-Oct. 9am-midnight, Nov.-Feb. 10am-midnight.

Here are some pictures of the TV Tower from different places in Berlin:

TV Tower and books. TV Tower 2. TV Tower 3. TV Tower 4.



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