Hello from Berlin…

25 10 2007

You probably noticed we did not update the blog for a few days now. Well, due to lousy planning and a flood of irrelevant events from the uninteresting realm of everyday life, we have flown off to our yearly vacation, in Berlin, natürlich, without preparing enough posts in advance. But I cannot leave you with nothing for this whole period, can I… So here are a few teasers for our new crop, which should last till the next visit…. (yes, we’re kind of killing ourselves for the Cause…)

Berlin is cold now. We were told that with our “good” luck, we just managed to arrive exactly after the turn of the seasons. So it’s officially “Autumn”. We don’t have such a season in Israel, only crazy weather – one day rain, the next a heat wave. When we left, last Thursday, it was 30 degrees (Celsius). And we landed to 10 degrees and less. Rather chilly, but at least dry. The cold is harsh, but manageable, as long as there’s no wind.

This time we decided to try and see places we haven’t seen before, or more accurately – to boldly venture out of Mitte and into the other “Neighborhoods”. We tried to be realistic, knowing that every such “Neighborhood” is larger than the whole of Tel-Aviv, and chose just three. Today, more than halfway into the trip, I can tell you it’s undoable. This city is just too much… Too much to see, too much to absorb, too much to do, too many places to visit, to eat in and drink at. We are trying our best to catch up, of course, and anyway taking hundreds of pictures as we go. What can I say but thank God or whoever for digital photography and large memory cards….

CU soon…

In the meantime, here’s a glass of beer for your health…




3 responses to “Hello from Berlin…”

26 10 2007
Yohay (13:18:07) :

Have a great time there. I love that illuminated beer photo! I take such photos frequently…

29 10 2007
Czech Daily (13:28:09) :

I am going next weekend and now you spoiled it for me with your weather-related comment. :)) I have to look up good places to take pics of BEFORE I go. Last time I went I followed the Inner Wall. So I have to come up with something new…

29 10 2007
yonit (16:53:54) :

It all depends to what you compare. The weather in Israel the day we left was 30+ (Celsius), and now (2 am) it’s around 25, so we did have a hard time adjusting.

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