The Spree River

8 10 2007

The Spree is the river that passes through Berlin. The river runs through Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin, and is approximately 400 km in length. Its source is on the Czech border, and its final portion runs through the city center of Berlin, and joins the Havel River in the western quarters of the city.

The Spree River. The Spree from above.

From what I understand, you cannot swim in the Spree (it actually seems pretty dangerous, with all the yachts and ships passing by), but in the summer there is this place which puts a swimming pool within the Spree. We didn’t get to go there yet, but it seems really fun. The place is called Badeschiff, and it’s in “Arena Berlin“. They also seem to have a lot of other cool activities there, from what I could gather on their German website. And there are also a lot of “beach bars” near the Spree in the summer, of which I wrote before.

We also came across a very beautiful statue on the Spree, called “molecule man”, by Jonathan Borofsky. It is about 30 meters high, and was created in 1997.

Jonathan Borofsky’s “Molecule Man”.

And, of course, there are also some suggestions for tourists to “discover Berlin by ship”. We didn’t go for that, as we didn’t go for any other organized tour suggestion, but in the official tourist information site of the city they give you some options, along with the addresses of the shipping companies.

There are some other watery sites in Berlin and its surrounding, such as the Havel River, Wannsee Lake (which has another meaning to Jews, to which I’ll get later on, when I’ll write about our visit to the Wannsee Conference Villa), the Aquadom, some Turkish Hamams we never got to see open, and more.



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