Berlin Festival of Lights 2007

21 11 2007

Berlin isn’t a “City of Lights” like Paris is. True, it is known for it’s lively nightlife, but but only on weekends. Actually, on most week nights it is rather dark. But this only made these festival days last October even more exciting. Here’s a taste of what we saw (click on the images to enlarge / for a slideshow). Click here for more about the Berlin’s Festival of Light.

Park Inn, Alexanderplatz.
Alexanderplatz. Fire blower. Yonit near Brandenburg Gate.
Karl Liebknecht strasse. Alexanderplatz TV Tower. Europa Center.
Berliner Dom.
A fountain near Alte Museum. A fat statue near Alte Museum. Tripod shooters. Berliner Dom. Inside the Reichstag.
Brandenburg Gate. On the street. Hassische strasse.



3 responses to “Berlin Festival of Lights 2007”

15 12 2007
Don Williams (18:56:29) :

Ich liebe Berlin. Ist ein nett statt!

28 01 2008
Stig Yding Sørensen (14:42:16) :

I’m very impressed by your on Berlin – and I’m going to visit this site regulary. I’m running web guide in danish language on Berlin – Berlin Guide – but I think I can still learn some from your very informative site.

The Berlin festival of lights are a spetacular show. And its is a lot of fun to stay out all night with your camera and 500 other photo enthusiats taking fantastic pictures. The lights festival and the results can be seen everywhere – not least on one of my favorite websites

24 09 2009
::nadja:: (05:45:41) :

nice pics…
our office is working on a projekt that deals with temporary use of ‘forgotten’ places…in that case your photos inspire a lot…so we would really like to get the admission to use one of it(the one in the last row with the ladies in their underwear on it…)…

…would be nice if you could e-mail to the following (private) adress ([email protected])so we can tell you more about the project you very soon might be a part of… ;+)

thanks in advance…and keep on taking favourable pics like that one…

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