Berlin Must Sees: Gendarmenmarkt

13 11 2007

This beautiful square in the middle of the Mitte quarter at the center of Berlin, includes the German Cathedral, the French Cathedral and the Konzerthaus. It was laid out from 1688 according to plans of the architect J.A. Nering, and was originally known as Linden Markt, and then Friedrichstädtischer Markt or Neuer Markt. It became known as Gendarmenmarkt because of the old Gendarme regiment that was housed here from 1736 to 1773.

The French Cathedral (Französischer Dom)

The church Französische Friedrichstadtkirche was built from 1701-05 to the designs of Cayart, as a church for Berlin’s Huguenot community. Its tower was added in the 1780s. It was badly damaged in the war, and rebuilt from 1977. It houses now a viewing platform, a restaurant and a Huguenot museum.

Französischer Dom

The German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom)

This cathedral was built from 1701-08, by Giovanni Simonetti to plans to M. Grünberg. Its tower was also added in the 1780s. It was destroyed in the war, and reopened in 1996 as a museum of German history.

Deutscher Dom


This building was designed by the famous architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel to replace the Nationaltheater built from 1800–02 by Karl Gotthard Langhans, which was burnt to the ground in 1817. It was also destroyed in the war, reopened in 1984, and serves now as a concert hall and a theater.

In the center of the Gendarmenmarkt there is a statue of the famous poet (and philosopher) Friedrich Schiller.

Konzerthaus and Schiller statue. Statue of Schinkel in Konzerthaus.

The Gendarmenmarkt also hosts one of Berlin’s most popular Christmas Markets.



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