Grünewald Train Station – Gleis 17

25 11 2007

The Grünewald S-Bahn station is a train station on the S7 line going to Potsdam. This station was the place where the deportations occurred. More than 50,000 of Berlin’s Jews were deported from here to extermination camps.

Gleis 17 Gleis 17 sign

The tracks of the trains going to the camps are of course unused, but the station itself is still active. When you get off the train and go down the stairs, you see a small sign, saying “Gleis 17″ (dock 17). You follow it to the unused tracks, now engraved with the names of the deportation destinations and the number of Jews deported. The place is very quiet, very green, and on the overall, quite a moving memorial.

The tracks

There is also a concrete memorial there, embedded with human silhouettes, created by the Polish artist Karol Broniatowski, which I unfortunately did not photograph.



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