The Hackeschen Höfe

11 11 2007

The Hackeschen Höfe is a complex of eight courtyards, which was built around the turn of the 19th century, and consisted then of a mixture of offices, workshops, factories and residential apartments. The place was renovated in the 1990s.

Hackeschen Höfe map

Hof I (Endellscher Hof) was designed by the Jugendstil artist and architect August Endell, as prime example of Art Nouveau. It houses the “Chamäleon” cabaret theatre, a film theatre, and several bars and restaurants. Hof II (Theaterhof) contains the Hackesche Hof Theatre and several architects’ offices.

The remaining courtyards are occupied by numerous smaller shops and galleries, including the main Ampelmann shop. The area around the Höfe and the Hackesher Markt train station (formerly known as the “Stock Exchange Station”) is also thriving with bars, restaurants and clubs, such as the Oxymoron and the Sophienclub.

One of the “Hof”s

And this is the official site of the Hackeschen Höfe.



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