Christmas and New Year's Eve in Berlin

21 12 2007

I have been to Berlin one day last Christmas, and I tell you, it’s beautiful. The city is crammed with Christmas markets, there are lots of Christmas activities, and of course, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with splendor.

I didn’t have much time then, and sadly, didn’t have a camera with me, so for now all I can do for those visiting this great city during the holiday is direct you to the official tourist information site of Berlin to find out about the Christmas markets, Christmas activities and New Year’s parties. Have fun. I know I’ll be jealous…

Christmas Time in Berlin:

Christmas Markets.

Christmas Shows.

Winter Activities.

And more on the left side bar on the same page.

New Year’s Eve Parties.

And don’t forget to dress warmly (if you come from warmer places, like Israel…). It is already a bit below zero there at nights. Brrr… (although according to BBC weather, Tuesday should be sunny).

Here are some more interesting links:

Public Drinking at Berlin Christmas Markets.

Christmas Markets Reviews.

And something from Hermann.

Glühwein, btw, is hot spiced wine, a traditional Christmas drink in Germany. If you can’t make it to Germany during Christmas, and still want a taste, you can buy it online (in bottles, or just the spices) or make your own.

And of course, merry Christmas to you all.

Merry Christmas



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