"Places of Remembrance" in the Bavarian Quarter

3 12 2007

The memorial “Places of Remembrance”, created by the artist Renata Stih and the art historian Frieder Schnock, consists of 80 street signs, presenting anti-Jewish laws and regulations under Nazi rule. One side of each such sign shows a picture, the other a piece of anti-Jewish legislation.

Here are some examples:

Places of Remembrance - Bench Jews may only use the yellow marked benches in the Bavarian Square.
Places of remembrance - bread Jews in Berlin can buy food only on 4-5 in the afternoon.
Places of Remembrance - Bricks The Jewish community has to remove the synagogue ruins. Reconstruction is forbidden.
Places of Remembrance - Bank Jews must reveal their financial records, to guarantee the employment of their fortune according to the interests of the German economy.
Places of Remembrance - notes Jews are excluded from singing associations.
Places of Remembrance - names Jews must add the names Israel and Sara to their first names.

The signs are scattered all over the Bavarian Quarter in Schönenberg, an area known in the 1920s as “Jewish Switzerland”, since many “well-to-do” Jews settled there. In the Bavarian Square you can find a map of the area, with green spots representing the 80 street signs.

Emigration forbidden. Deportation Sign

Map of the monument.

And here’s an interesting article from the artists’ website.



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16 10 2009
tzvi hans mol (06:57:04) :

i like the site and love visiting Berlin but why are all the hotels so expensive?

tzvi hans mol

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