Berlin Graffiti Project II

24 01 2008

When the communist era was over and the Berlin Wall came down, the graffiti street art was already strongly embeded into Berlin’s culture. Though considered by some as pure vandalism, it continued to flourish and win the youngsters’ penchant.

The monumental East Side Gallery was a way to preserve this special cultural entity, but it didn’t stop people from creating new graffiti, sometimes on the expense of the works made by some of the world’s finest artists, most of which were partly defaced.

Many people come to see the official Gallery; most, don’t even suspect that on the back side of this Berlin Wall remain, there are some stunning works of art. We decided to include a few of them in this project, as well as some photos of “the hand”, and anarchist symbol which can be found all over Berlin, in many strange places.

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Defaced artwork at East Side Gallery. East Side Gallery - the unformal parts.
Anti-military graffiti at East Side’s One of East Side Gallery new works.
East Side’s hand wall. East Side’s back-side art 1.
East Side’s back-side art 2. East Side’s back-side art 3.
Berlin’s anarchist hand 1. Berlin’s anarchist hand 2.



5 responses to “Berlin Graffiti Project II”

27 01 2008
DeAnna (21:24:44) :

Seen this stuff with my own eyes all around Berlin. I have to say, I have seen graffiti in cities in the US, and it really all just becomes a part of the scenery, but in Berlin, it struck me as beautiful, and stood alone ..speaks to you when you are standing on a train, deep in thought, wakes you up, moves your thoughts..

7 02 2008
Topher (22:43:44) :

I’ve seen this stuff too, and it’s interesting to learn what “The Hand” means, causeI’ve seen it all over the place.

1 08 2009
Yo Ann (15:35:29) :

I love the Che on Che piece. It is awesome, I will be in Berlin this coming November. Are their new pieces coming up on the street? I have been a muralist for the last 15 years before I was trained there was not a wall I did not touch

1 04 2010
Fisch (16:07:11) :

Nice arts, thank u guys. U rock!

30 05 2011
Stuart Marsden (11:48:40) :

I love street art, alot can be said for art on walls etc, it tells a story about a person and the area where people live, graffiti is a form of art that some will love and some will hate, but i think it adds character to a place. Long live graffiti. Good stuff

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