Berlin Graffiti Project

19 01 2008

Part 1 of a 3-part project: the best pictures of graffiti and street art in Berlin.

There must be tens of thousands of graffiti and graffiti-like works, scattered all over the city of Berlin. You can find them on walls, buildings, pavements, and ever cars. Some where made by famous artists, like the wonderful East Side Gallery artworks. Other by anonymous artists and anarchists.

This project could only show a tiny fragment of that fabulous wealth of art and self-expression, but we tried to capture the spirit. Stay tuned for the coming volumes.

Berlin Wall Graffiti exhibition Potsdamer Platz 2007 Graffiti like ad
Vandalized East-Side Gallery work A dude. East Side Gallery.
Oranienburger Tor. “the war isn’t over yet”. Defaced wall at Simon dach.
Stazi 2.0. Mitte pavement. Vandalist Graffiti @ East Side Gallery
Poem on building, Kruezberg. Graffiti on a Berlin Wall leftover. Potsdamer Platz.



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