Berlin Graffiti Project III

9 02 2008

This is the third part of this project, and the last for the time being. But if you took nice shots of other graffiti and street art, and want to share them with us – please do.

Although we did choose the best, finest looking, most intriguing and/or most interesting artworks from our point of view, what you saw here was really no more than a tiny fragment of the real thing. Check out the previous parts as well.

Berlin Graffiti Project
Berlin Graffiti Project II
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Unofficial East Side Gallery work. Wall remains, Hackescher markt
East Side 2006 addition The Friedrichshain Man
Friedrichshain Man closeup
Che. Unofficial East Side work Mike was here. East Side.
Yonit, Checkpoint Charlie Shooky, Checkpoint Charlie



7 responses to “Berlin Graffiti Project III”

13 02 2008
Debra (14:24:47) :

The soldier piece is wonderful! Really nicely detailed, especially with the barbed wire in front of him.

14 02 2008
Yoko (20:49:16) :

Amazing graffiti. Keep on posting. 🙂

18 02 2008
helmut (04:36:18) :

In case you don’t know, the soldier jumping over the barbed wire is one of the most famous photographs from when the Berlin wall was built. It’s a soldier of the German Democratic Republik, who jumps over to West-Germany.

27 05 2008
andy (07:11:55) :

The Che Guevara one is by DOLK, a cult british street grafitti artist, much like BANKSY. The exact same piece of work is up in Leeds, North England. He gets around doesn’t he?

21 06 2008
Grillman and Luna (05:15:27) :

Terrific blog about a city for the traveler. Makes us want to get to B’lin as soon as possible, but alas, we’re going to spend the summer in the torrid south. We’ll earmark your site and be back. Good work!
Grillman & Luna

6 01 2010
Tom (09:04:46) :

This is some amazing graffiti here! I saw some of it when I went to berlin but not all of it. I really like that one of the photograph of the soldier jumping over!

6 09 2010
Graffiti Berlińskie Łowcy Diamentów | Fotografie Berlina (16:34:48) :

[…] Berlin Graffiti Project III […]

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