Berlin’s Currywurst sausage go Global

15 03 2008

Berliners are known for their affection towards sausages. Especially for the Currywurst, the #1 fast food in the city. You must try this one at least once, and now you can even do that without traveling to Germany.

Daniels Counter writes about Berlin Snack, a place in London where you can grab Currywursts, Bratwurst, Knackwurst and other traditional German snacks.

Most places I’ve seen do not serve champagne with their Currywursts. You CAN have it with exquisite beer though, for small change. Keep that in mind the next time you’re in Berlin. Or in London…In Israel we also have a long tradition of eating sausages, which was brought here by immigrants from Germany in the 1930’s. Of course we later on deteriorated to eating American style Hot-Dogs, which are a pale substitute for the real thing (although the American hot-dog is definitely a descendant of the German Wurst).

And here’s a nice video from Reuters about the Currywurst museum in Berlin.

Currywurst museum



10 responses to “Berlin’s Currywurst sausage go Global”

1 04 2008
chris (08:49:38) :

Problem is you will find quite many bad tasting currywürste if you don´t know where to get the real shit…
I stick with the one at U-Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen (U8).

5 05 2008
Joe Noory (10:30:49) :

A real plate!?! What’s wrong with that picture? Say, wasn’t one of those places you shot just north of Friedrichstrasse S-bahn?

14 07 2008
bob dylan (06:25:44) :

where is this shop in london that sells german food

24 12 2008
Hephaestion (16:04:20) :

I thought the Doner kabob was not the #1 snack in Berlin. Not so?

28 05 2009
tanja (16:31:28) :

I love currywurst but more and more Berliners are actually flocking to eat doner kebab or doner as it’s called locally. (There should be an umlaut over the o in doner.) My brother goes crazy over doner with sauce every time we’re in Berlin. Kreuzberg has a great little Turkish restaurant or two. The sticky honey pastries the Turks make in their pastry shops are delicious! And, you can’t go to Berlin without trying the best drink in the world, a Weisse with a shot of raspberry syrup. You can get the forest herb-type syrup but, it’s an acquired taste. I don’t recommend this flavor if you’re not accustomed to German tastes. I also love to eat the fish dishes in Berlin like smoked eel with a baguette, herring in cream sauce and head cheese with sauce (Remoulade) which you can eat in a Kneipe (pub.) The pubs have pretty good local fare for a decent price and are one of the few remaining places to encounter actual Berliners. I love Berlin and have been many times with my Berliner mom and am proud to call it my second home!! These are real Berliner things to eat!! (No one can make currywurst outside of Berlin like Berliners!)

11 10 2009, Daniel (05:14:40) :

🙂 well I think (more and more Berliners perfer Doener Kebab) is beecause it is just a little more healthy – well, just a little more, less fat some salad.
But If you are looking for a realy good Currywurst, the Curry 36, Mehringdamm in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Is a must have! You can see always about 30 – 50 of berlin cap divers in front of it at noon (what is a sign for good quality).

And by the way – if you still are looking for something more healthy: a vegetarian doener (german: gemuese doener) ist offered just 30m down the street.

8 11 2009
LondonEater (07:10:48) :

Hi there, I’m visiting Berlin next week from London and consequently stumbled into your excellent blog. I was wondering if there are any restaurants you would recommend? I’m specifically interested restaurants which serve German cuisine. Thanks in advance.

11 05 2010
Jamesh (03:07:12) :

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7 10 2010
Ettore @ Visit Berlin (16:36:04) :

Curry Wurst is such a tipical meal for Berliner, and I actually like it very much. PS the video was removed, can you post new version please?

Yonit: Thanks for the comment. That video was not updated, so I put another video instead.

23 06 2012
Daniel McBane (09:37:03) :

I love currywurst. When I finally made it back to Germany after a 15 year absence, the first meal I had was currywurst. With a beer of course.

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