Einstein Jahr

26 08 2007

When we visited Berlin in 2005, we couldn’t help but notice all the big “E”s, the Einstein quotes, and the big sign on the fence of Humboldt University saying: “Hier las Einstein” (Einstein taught here).

Here are two such E’s on Unter den Linden:

Einstein Jahr.

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Shalom to Klaus Wowereit

31 07 2007

Not many people who live in big cities get to see their mayor very often. Even in our city, which has a population of around 400,000, we only catch the mayor occasionally when we happen to dine at the most expansive restaurant Refael (you can find it here, under the section “a rich uncle is paying”), of which he’s a regular visitor. But on our meager 3 weeks total in Berlin, we happened to come across Berlin’s mayor live, on display. And we are enthralled.
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