Christmas and New Year's Eve in Berlin

21 12 2007

I have been to Berlin one day last Christmas, and I tell you, it’s beautiful. The city is crammed with Christmas markets, there are lots of Christmas activities, and of course, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with splendor.
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Berlin – City of Lights

1 11 2007

Paris may be usually known as the city of lights, and it is true that most cities look more impressive when night falls, but this year we got a special treat, and came to Berlin during the third annual Festival of Lights.

         Festival of Lights.

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Hello from Berlin…

25 10 2007

You probably noticed we did not update the blog for a few days now. Well, due to lousy planning and a flood of irrelevant events from the uninteresting realm of everyday life, we have flown off to our yearly vacation, in Berlin, natürlich, without preparing enough posts in advance. But I cannot leave you with nothing for this whole period, can I… So here are a few teasers for our new crop, which should last till the next visit…. (yes, we’re kind of killing ourselves for the Cause…)

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The Spree River

8 10 2007

The Spree is the river that passes through Berlin. The river runs through Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin, and is approximately 400 km in length. Its source is on the Czech border, and its final portion runs through the city center of Berlin, and joins the Havel River in the western quarters of the city.

The Spree River. The Spree from above.

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The Long Night of Museums

14 08 2007

The Long Night of Museums (“Die Lange Nacht der Museen” in German), which I’ve mentioned more than once in earlier posts, is an event which occurs in Berlin twice a year – in the summer (August, usually), and in the winter (January or February). This summer’s event is on the 25th of August, and is the 10 years anniversary of the “Long Night” tradition. Don’t miss it (or the next ones…).

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Room of Silence (Raum der Stille)

6 08 2007

The “Room of Silence” is located in the north side of the Brandenburg Gate. It is inspired by the meditation room in the UN building in New York. The room was opened in 1994, and offers the people passing by a chance to sit down in silence, meditate, rest and so on, and is decorated with abstract pictures. We can tell you it is indeed a very relaxing, positive experience. They have a website, but it’s in German only.

Opening Hours: Apr-Oct 11:00 -18:00, Nov & Jan-Mar 11:00 -17:00, Dec 11:00 -16:00.

Good to know: there is a tourist information store on the other side of the brandenburg gate, where you can buy maps.

Weather and Beach bars

29 07 2007

We come from a very hot state. In Israel, summer starts in June, and ends in October, if we’re lucky. And by summer I mean around 30 degrees Celsius on a cool day. Also, Tel Aviv, our city, lies on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, so we are used to 80% humidity (“used to” is not exactly right. No matter how many years you live here, the feeling of walking into a sauna every time you go out is something you can never get used to). In other parts of the world, apparently this is not the case.
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Berlin: Capital of Hospitality

27 07 2007

My Berlin is the most hospitable city I’ve ever been to. This was the impression I got, from almost the first minute after I landed. I come from a “warm”, but not very strong in politeness and civility, place, so most European cities seem calmer and more polite in comparison. But we are led to believe certain things about the Germans, which do not co-exist with hospitality.
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