Berlin Festival of Lights 2007

21 11 2007

Berlin isn’t a “City of Lights” like Paris is. True, it is known for it’s lively nightlife, but but only on weekends. Actually, on most week nights it is rather dark. But this only made these festival days last October even more exciting. Here’s a taste of what we saw (click on the images to enlarge / for a slideshow). Click here for more about the Berlin’s Festival of Light.

Park Inn, Alexanderplatz.
Alexanderplatz. Fire blower. Yonit near Brandenburg Gate.
Karl Liebknecht strasse. Alexanderplatz TV Tower. Europa Center.
Berliner Dom.
A fountain near Alte Museum. A fat statue near Alte Museum. Tripod shooters. Berliner Dom. Inside the Reichstag.
Brandenburg Gate. On the street. Hassische strasse.

The Long Night of Museums

14 08 2007

The Long Night of Museums (“Die Lange Nacht der Museen” in German), which I’ve mentioned more than once in earlier posts, is an event which occurs in Berlin twice a year – in the summer (August, usually), and in the winter (January or February). This summer’s event is on the 25th of August, and is the 10 years anniversary of the “Long Night” tradition. Don’t miss it (or the next ones…).

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