United Buddy Bears

27 07 2007

In our first visit to Berlin, as we walked through the city, we occasionally came across a large fiberglass bear standing near an occasional embassy. Here’s one:

Yonit and a friend.

We knew the official symbol of the city is a Bear, so we didn’t put much thought into it. And then, one day, we came across this: Read the rest of this entry »

Berlin: Capital of Hospitality

27 07 2007

My Berlin is the most hospitable city I’ve ever been to. This was the impression I got, from almost the first minute after I landed. I come from a “warm”, but not very strong in politeness and civility, place, so most European cities seem calmer and more polite in comparison. But we are led to believe certain things about the Germans, which do not co-exist with hospitality.
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